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Hiker • Yogi • Skier • Eco Warrior

For me it’s all about the mountains. Everything about them, the views the trails, the pistes, the smell, the feeling….you get the idea.

I am a hiking guide in the Austrian Alps, taking groups out on the summer trails, then strapping on the snow shoes for the winter and exploring the back country. I teach yoga and lead meditations as well as some Personal Training and writing nutrition plans for a large range of clients.

On my website you will find a whole big mash up of the above, but with 1 underlying theme – Sustainability


sustainability is defined as the quality of not being harmful to the environment, depleting natural resources and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.”

more to come on this topic.

Why Austria?

I moved to the mountains permanently about 7 years ago, starting in the French alps and ending up in the heart of the Tirol region in the Austria. I always get asked “what’s an English guy doing in the Austrian Alps?”. One simple word answers this question SKIING!

However, the ski season only lasts 4 maybe 5 months, what do you do when the snow is gone? That is where Austria really comes into its own. The variety of summer sports is phenomenal. Do you like to ride bikes? Road, enduro, downhill…. I could go on. However, the stand out sport for me has to be hiking. The vast amount of terrain could keep a keen hiker busy for years. If you then add in the Via Ferrata (Klettersteig in German), and the high alpine routes, the possibilities are endless.

With all this said, there are also a huge array of stunning places to lay your Yoga mat, or settle down for some peaceful meditation.

The aim of The Hiking Yogi

The aim of this website is to provide relevant and digestible information about how to become more sustainable, eco-friendly and organic when doing the sports and hobbies we love. As well as at home in the kitchen and with our daily diets. We want everyone to enjoy the vast world of outdoor sports in the most Eco friendly way possible.

All the best,


The Hiking Yogi

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